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- Integration With ERPs and CRMs
- Double Sided Marketplace
- Multi-vendor Platform
- AR for eCommerce
- Beacons (IOT) for eCommerce
- Video Shopping Platforms
- Mobile view Commerce
- Multi Channel Commerce

Data Analytics and Insights

- Behavioral Analysis & Research
- Data Driven User Experience Insights
- Hypotheses Driven Prioritized Test Plans
- Conversion Rate Optimization
- Continual Improvement of the Online Exp.
- Personalized User Experience
- Google Analytics
- Multi Channel Commerce

Health Care

- Healthcare EDI Integration
- Automatic Patient Authentication
- Automated Claim Management
- Auto-generated Prescription
- Nutrition & Allergy Tracking
- Wearable Device Integration
- Data Isolation, Privacy, and Security
- Highly Scalable Architecture

Eureka Exams

An iPhone App For Working Mothers To Keep Their Kids Engaged

Education and Training

- Cross Platform Digital Training Experience
- Enterprise Sales & Coaching Solutions
- Digital Career Advice Platform
- Digital Collaboration Platform For Parents
- On-demand Applications
- Product Recommendation Engine
- Dynamic Search & Filters.
- Products Design Personalization

Integrated solutions for

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