Asking what is the role of TodosAtHome website?

icon  TodosAtHome is a website that gives you the opportunity to investigate your time in a self- build way.

icon  Think differently about staying at home. It is time to learn, time to write, time to read, time to grow your mind.

icon  It guides you to various courses and activities that asset you to gain more knowledge. It is suitable for all ages; kids, adults and parents.

Who provides the website with the content?

icon  The contents of the website are added by the creator of the TodosAtHome and our team.

icon  On the other hand, You! Yes you.. you could add more stuff and helpful posts to guide others and to spread awareness

Is there a policy in posting for the users?

icon  Yes, the user who wants to add stuff and posts should put into consideration that their contents or posts must be suitable for all ages as kids also could view his/ her content.

icon  No violence content is allowed

icon  No profanity content is allowed

icon  No sexual content is allowed

icon  No political content is allowed

icon  No controversy content about religion are allowed

icon  Our website is supporting the family-friendly idea and trying to improve our society by sharing helpful information that anyone could view regarding his/her age or nationality so we should respect all the people who are living with us.

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